Sunday, August 19, 2012

Basic Information About Plastic Caps

One of the most common products manufactured through the process of dip moulding are the end cap. These end cap are known for their flexibility since they can be used in so many ways. They are most often used to protect or enhance the design or durability of various components and products.
One of the best advantages of using plastic caps is that they are very flexible. They can be used in different applications with variations in size. It does not have to be an exact fit on its application but it is still capable of providing an airtight seal. The production of caps and plugs through dip moulding is also cheaper which is one of the reasons why most industries prefer to use end cap. Whether the production of the end cap is high volume or low volume, the cost is still lower. The entire process of manufacturing the end cap is very economical regardless of the volume of products being manufactured. This is very advantageous for both the manufacturers of caps and plugs s as well as the industries that purchase them for various applications and purposes.
Plastic is a very general term because there are actually different types of plastic. All of these plastic materials that are used to make the caps have properties that make them resistant to various damages such as splitting and shredding. The different types of plastic materials also provide highly adequate electric insulation. Plastic caps also come in various colours. They can be made in many different colours depending on the specifications provided by the clients. The surfaces of the plastic caps also have different finishes such as glossy or seam free.
Plastic caps can be made in different dimensions and measurements. There are caps and plugs with varying diameters for its different applications. They also come in varying lengths so there is always a plastic cap that you can use for whatever purpose you may have. Plastic caps also have different measurements when it comes to their thread protection. Manufacturers produce large caps and plugs and not just small ones. The large plastic caps are commonly used in the oil industry as well as in the construction industry. They can be fitted into the ends of the pipes to protect them while they are being transported to their destination.
Dip moulding is an excellent way of manufacturing end cap. This is because the process of dip moulding is very economical and it is also able to produce large volumes of end cap in a very short time compared to the other manufacturing processes used to make the caps and plugs.

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